The Bucket List

  1. Go parachuting
  2. Cheat at bingo
  3. Go surfing
  4. Go on jeopardy
  5. Shop at the west Edmonton mall and blow all your money on bubble gum
  6. Blow the biggest bubble with the bubble gum you bought at at the west Edmonton mall
  7. ponder your thoughts while stroking a mustache (it doesn’t have to be yours!)

and that’s what I would do before I die

My Blogging Survey

Blogging has been an amazing experience for me and I want to know if has been as fun for others.

the fun thing for me is I can express myself and tell stories and people will listen and then tell me what they thought by commenting. So take this survey to tell me if it’s been fun.Blogging Survey

Living In…SPACE!

In space it is very hard to get used to 0 gravity, but you would think it would be pretty cool.

Recently we had a webcast with Clay Anderson the astronaut. It was so cool because we asked him lots of questions like “Is it true that you play trivial persute with ground control?” And he said “yes I occasionally play trivia games with ground control I also like take pictures of the earth.

In the ISS the water is very valuable because they have a limited amount so they invented a water reclamation system that collects all liquids like sweat, condensation and urine and purifies it so that it is cleaner than the earths water.



Clay Anderson on a space walk.

My Special Place

My special place is really small but really cool because I hide there and scare people there or just be alone and read there. And once I slept there!

All it is is a thing sticking out of the wall that looks like a table and the top comes off and its hallow! and that’s my special place.

When I’m in there I feel cosy and cramped because It’s so small but It’s one of my favourite places in my whole house

Right now I’m trying to make it more comfertable by puting some pillows in and I want to put a light but I might get burned

The Maltese Falcon

Hi it’s Max. I haven’t been writing on my blog in a while but I have a exciting story to tell.

Right now I’m not in Canada… I’m in the British Virgin Islands!

I’ve seen so much here I saw 2 eagle rays, 2 sting rays, 2 sea turtles and a lot of cool fish!

But another very cool thing I saw was the Maltese Falcon. The Maltese Falcon is a giant 290 foot long yacht! That’s almost as big a football field! Anyway it has 3 masts with 5 sails per mast! And that equals 25,791 square feet of sail! The Maltese Falcon also has one of the fastest two man submarine on the bow and is able to be launched whenever whereever the owner wants. He recently launched it here in the British Virgin Islands and 2 dozen bottle neck dolphins followed it around. I’ll have some pictures later  and I’ll add them A.S.A.P


Lots of people are writing posts on what instrument they want to play when they go to mark isfield high school and I want to play the piano! (obviously) But I’m only going to be there for 1 year 🙁 because I’m going to a bourding school called Brentwood but on the up side… they have a very good music program called rock band! my sister loves it! (shes a singer)


our storys

A few months ago we made book covers and pretended to be authors, then we made self portraits and then Finally we put them together with hands and a background and made a piece of artwork.

Beethoven’s Sonata #14 RE RE RE REMIX!!!!

 Beethoven’s Sonata #14 is a great piece for slightly more experienced piano players but there’s another! “Everyday” by Carly Commando is an awesome piece but it is pretty complicated I recently finished learning it and it sounds great! you should try it!  (you do need to have a musical ear). I love the sound of the piano when I play it so I highly recommend it to all those piano players out there. If you want to learn it here’s the sheet music for Beethoven’s Sonata #14 but the sheet music for Everyday is unavalible unless you pay for it so if you want to just google it! Have fun!


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