Hi my name is Max and this is my blog. I think blogging is pretty cool even though it’s new to me. My favorite hobby is piano. I think I’m pretty good. I also swim in the local swim club and I have even gone to provincials. That’s a swimming competition for the best in the province of British Columbia. How fast can you swim two lengths of the pool? I can do it in 36.44 seconds!

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  1. G’day Max,
    You need to chat to Laura in my class. She is into swimming as well. You will have to compare times. Find her blog under the flag counter in my sidebar.

    Welcome to the student blogging competition. I hope you enjoy all the activities. After this comment, you should get a dot on your map from Tasmania, Australia.

  2. Hey Max!
    I’m Ashley and I live in Connecticut. I’m also involved in swimming too. The fastest I can swim 2 lengths of the pool in freestyle is about 32.43sec and that got my name on a record board!

    So how do you like swimming? What strokes do you usually perform in swim meets? Whats your favorite stroke?

    Well have to talk more about swimming and compare some times or something!

    Keep me posted,

  3. Hey Max, I think it’s pretty cool that you’re learning about blogging. It’s fun to see what you create and what people leave as comments.

  4. G’day Max,
    Thanks for registering for the 2009 blogging challenge. Hopefully you will learn some new things to do with blogging.

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