Dare Devil Piggy!

I am the bravest dare devil piggy in the world I am about to attempt the most dangerous stunt in the world of pigs. I will jump off this diving board, do a triple back flip, and a 720 front flip and end landing on a bike and do a wheelie all the way to a jump, I will then go off the jump and do a double back flip landing in an endo and going in an endo all the way to the finish line……….





Someone please call 911!


5 thoughts on “Dare Devil Piggy!

  1. hahaha! nice maxy!
    Thats some kind of humor. I really like how you explained what he wanted to do. you actually used the word PIGGY! nice post maxy!

  2. Hello Max! My name is Marnie and I am a sixth grader from Indiana. I linked to your blog through Miss W’s 2009 blog challenge blog and I think your blog is great! I especially enjoy the bucket list post and Foxy. I hope you come and visit/comment on my blog, I will leave the link below.



  3. Hi Max thats funny

    In Australia it is 000. And i don’t reckon anyone could do a triple backflip 720

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