My School Year Highlights.

Here in Canada we are nearing the end of the school year and we are writing posts about our highlights of the year.

One of my favourite days of the school year was when we were juggling scarves for P.E and Michael G ‘s group had a little incident. They had been practicing and practicing and they finally got it perfect but when they performed in front of the whole class something went wrong Dramatic pause DA DA DA anyway so in the end Brayden was rolling on the ground moaning and Michael was on his back. But Dom and Nick aced it.


PS. I’m still waiting for a video.

When I Grow Up I Want To Be a….. ______

A Potato Shiner!

When I grow up I want to be a potato shiner because it would be so cool to finish shining one and admire the beauty of a shiny potato. My house would be a huge hollowed out potato and I would have shelves of shiny potatoes and I would only watch potato-related TV programs. In my back yard I would have nothing but potatoes growing and all I would eat would be shined potatoes (and maybe just a little bit of cheese). Anyway, I would get paid $2000 per hour so I would be stinking rich and I would own all of Canada. From that day that I start my job… All fries and potato chips will be SHINEY!



Photo credits: _neona_

Josh and Franziska

For the last two weeks Josh and Franziska have been teaching us how to create art with cameras and we have been doing so much we’ve created like over 300 images! Then we put them on poster board and hung them up. And tomorrow we are taking them to the high school to show them off! It’s gonna be AWESOME! and this is all brought to us by Arts Umbrella in Vancouver. and if you’re wondering about how I took this picture and many more or if you want the program just google: “glocal” and then you can install the program right off the website (but you need a web cam)


So thanks Josh and thanks Franziska for everything that you taught us it has helped us in our understanding of art.



Canadian Justice System

This shows a Canadian court house. The flag on the left is the Canadian flag and the flag on the right is the provinces flag. In this case the Provence is British Columbia


Imagine how it would feel to walk into a courtroom as any person if you were the judge you would be nervous about making the right decision. if you were the accused you would be worried that people wouldn’t think you were innocent. is you were the crown prosecutor you would be nervous about not proving the accused to be guilty. I could just keep going on and on about different people but instead I’m going to tell you about how I feel about the Canadian justice system and how I would feel in one of these positions.


The judge: I think that it would be terrifying because you are expected to be fair and make the right decision but I would feel so pressured and I HATE THAT FEELING doesn’t everyone? he needs to be strong and not be bias and always remember that the accused is innocent until proven guilty.


The accused: but that’s not really a job but it is still part of justice I think it would be SO scary because every body would stare at you and a lot would hate you even if your innocent.


Crown Prosecutor: I think it would be a hard job to be the crown prosecutor because it would probably be very stressful because you need to be able to take in information and then think it through and say a response that proves him guilty and like the judge he or she needs to not be bias and be strong and don’t attach emotion to things.


I think the courtroom is fair because they treat each individual the same no matter what every human being in court has the same rights as each other and that’s is very fair . they also have ramps to make the courtroom wheelchair accessible and they help other people with disabilities as much as they can.

I hope you have learned lots about the Canadian justice system and how it works.

please comment back with feedback, questions or connections to the Canadian justice system.



picture credits: nanaimo courthouse: Alanna@VanIsle


French Fries

 Fries are very well known in most continents and they are SO good!!!! I couldn’t find many facts but I know that they were created in Belgium and then traveled to different countries and now they are served with almost anything and you can get them almost any where! You can buy them frozen or you can just go to a restaurant and places that are parked on the side of the road usually sell them, that’s usually in North America.

So please comment back with facts or questions about fries.

Who is My Hero?…

My brother Ben.


Sure he hasn’t saved lives or invented anything but I look up to him and learn from him. he teaches me many skills like  how to survive in the wilderness or how to do first aid. When he was in grade six and I was in grade 1 he taught me grade 6 math so that when I got into grade 6 I new lots about fractions and decimals. He also doesn’t tattle on me when I do somthing wrong and I don’t tattle on him. and I feel like I can tell my brother anything but I definitely can’t tell my sister.

So Many Questions!

There are so many questions in the world but here are a few of mine:

  • What is the point or meaning of life? this is like probably the most common question.
  • Who or what is God? I think this is a good question but I don’t really need to know as long as He’s there.
  • How do you cheat at bingo? There just has to be a way!
Please comment with answers or your own questions.
Question Mark? Leo Reynolds

Yams And Sweet Potatoes… Which Is Which?

There is a big mix up between yams and sweet potatoes. People think that sweet potatoes are orange but that is incorrect a yam is orange and a sweet potato looks like a normal potato but tastes sweeterthis is a yam…these are sweet potatoes.


so next time someone mixes them up… Correct them!

Dare Devil Piggy!

I am the bravest dare devil piggy in the world I am about to attempt the most dangerous stunt in the world of pigs. I will jump off this diving board, do a triple back flip, and a 720 front flip and end landing on a bike and do a wheelie all the way to a jump, I will then go off the jump and do a double back flip landing in an endo and going in an endo all the way to the finish line……….





Someone please call 911!